Assistcool is fast and talented

By keeping a track of your customers on the road to sale it provides you with a lot of convenience and speeds up the sales process. Thus, important issues such as customer satisfaction, cross-selling, campaign success, turnover, profitability and order accelerate sales supporting your growth.

  • % 45,8 Customer Satisfaction
  • % 18,8 Cross Selling
  • % 16,7 Campaign Success
  • % 18,7 Other


Records every detail about the customer. By reminding these details any time you want, it ensures you stay on track and establish a relationship based on trust.


It does not leave any offers incomplete. It instantly follows up and focuses on sales. Any contact you make with the customer brings you one step closer to sales.


Controls your budget by tracking debt and receivable. It allows you to plan the right campaign to the right audience at the right time with the right product.

With AssistCool Growth

 Supports your growth by helping you make quick decisions and
planning the right actions.

Counts your income & expenses
Easy and Useful
Fast and Talented
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Follows all the offers
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Secures your documents

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